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Broken Spoke Boarding Stables
Half-day lesson package (9-12 or so)              5 days
Full-day lesson package (9-4 or so)                 5 days

Daily schedule includes: lesson (morning & afternoon for full days) trail
rides, swimming and fun on the farm.

Lesson Descriptions

MORNING Session Options (9am - 12 noon)
AFTERNOON Session Options (1pm - 4pm)
Beginner English Session  
The Beginner English Session is for ages 6 to 10 or those who have
ridden less than 15 times or have jumped less than a foot.  They begin
in the barn learning all the basics of horse grooming, tacking, feeding,
anatomy, barn maintenance and how to work as a team with the horses.
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Advanced English Session
Advanced English is for campers ages 9 -99 or those who are jumping a
foot or more. They have the same schedule as the beginners but on a
more advanced level.

English lessons are taught with fun and safety in mind. After lessons,
the horses are put back in the barn and the tack put away. The whole
experience teaches the campers what it would be like to be the sole
caretaker of a horse.
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Western Lesson
This lesson is for ages 10 - 99. This group will learn all of the Western
basics of grooming, tacking, feeding, anatomy, and barn maintenance.  
Each student will learn how to ride and control the horse.   Western
pleasure,  Showmanship, Equitation, and trail class will all be available to
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Advanced Western GYMKHANA -  
This lesson is for ages 10-99.   This group will learn how to run the
barrel patterns, pole bending, bleeding heart barrels, keyhole as well as
many more.  Improve your skills and get the fastest time.
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Beginner Trail  
Learn the how to's of the trail such as crossing
streams or handling wildlife situations. Finish the lesson with a Western
Trail ride over our 2000 acres with miles of trails. Take your horse
through the woods then back out to the open fields with endless views
of the beautiful Catskill Mountains.
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Birthday Parties
Available :  
With horse rides, balloons,
picnic, trail rides, and
much more.  
Reservations Required
Broken Spoke Boarding Stables
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